• Size Requirements – How large should the new facility be and how should you plan for growth and expansion? Only too often do some companies take possession of a new facility only to discover that they didn’t accurately project future requirements for their growth. It’s much less expensive to provide sufficiently on this first pass than is to come back at a later date and go through the gyrations of executing an alternative plan.
  • Parking availability – Is there sufficient ground for adequate parking to accommodate normal and peak times of the year? Determine outside space requirements as carefully as you have planned for the inside. Will you want or need public areas or employee activity areas? Have you gotten security installed by a Boca Raton home security installation company? Will you ever need to store materials or vehicles outside? Consider what corporate image you wish to project and the impact that your decision will have on landscaping and ancillary areas.
  • Public transportation – Will your employees be able to get to and from work without difficulty? What types of mass transit exist and what are the schedules for operation? It’s important to view your work schedules along with transit schedules to determine if your employees can get to work on time and that there is good coverage for them to return to their homes at quitting time.
  • Road accessibility – Are roads adequate to access your facility? Can vendors and supplies reach you without difficulty? Not only is it important to have sufficient access and egress, but the topography is also very important when it comes to hauling heavy loads. The easier it is for employees and support vendors to get to you, the better it will be.
  • Utilities – Is there adequate service capacity for gas and electric that may be needed to power your equipment? Do you have access to storage units in Woodbridge, NJ? Utilities are expensive and today there are alternatives to your traditional power companies. It may be extremely beneficial to explore other providers in your area to obtain the best pricing for Orlando interactive marketing.