Plant Care

A large potted plant can be expensive to transport because one plant with dirt and pot can weigh up to 50 pounds or more. Most carriers will not guarantee survival as they usually will not be held responsible for perishables.
A few weeks before moving, prune (except cacti and succulents) and re-pot your plants in sturdy plastic pots. If there are pests on the plants, and you wish to remove them without using a pesticide, place the whole plant in a black plastic bag with a bug strip or an animal’s flea collar and contact Flatbush pest control company. Close up the bag, and keep it cool and dry. Do not over-water as fungus or rot could develop.
To pack the plant, anchor the pot securely in a large carton and cushion the branches with soft paper. It is important when traveling to another state to check with the Department of Agriculture as to what plants might be prohibited in that particular state.
IF you are travelling with plants in the car, try not to let the leaves touch the windows as they might scorch.